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Music Festival Rules - UPDATED FOR 2019

1. The competition is open to young people of school age who live in or are taught by music teachers in the wider catchment area of the Rotary Club of Castle Donington irrespective of the school attended

2. There are three age groups:  years 1 – 6; 7 – 9; 10 and over.  Groups will be divided into smaller year groups if the volume of entries is sufficient.

Detailed timings will be issued after the closing date for entries has been reached.   

Please  note closing date from Music Festival main page.

3. The adjudicators will select a number of the entrants to perform in the evening concert.

4. The following categories are available in each age group:  Solo, Duet, and Ensembles.

5. The Competition is open to both instrumentalists and vocalists.   The main event will take place on Saturday 3rd March 2018

6. Paper entries must be on the official entry form (photocopies and email attachments are allowed) which must reach the organiser on or before the date stated on the Festival Main Page.  Alternatively, our preferred method to enter the festival is via the Rotary Club website, which has electronic forms for entry to the main event.  

7. Entrants should perform either a single piece or a selection of music of their own choice which must be stated on the entry form.  A selection must consist of TWO pieces of varied style.  Entrants may play different instruments for each piece or may mix an instrument and vocals if they so wish.

8. Entrants may perform only once in each category

9. A copy of the selected work(s) must be provided for the adjudicators on the day of, and in advance of, the performance.

10. A maximum TIME LIMIT of FOUR minutes for the lower age group, SIX minutes for the middle age group and NINE minutes for the upper age group will be strictly enforced.  The maximum set up time, allowed for larger ensembles only, is FIVE minutes.

The aforementioned time limits do not include time for brief introductory words concerning the piece(s) to be performed.

11. Performers may be accompanied, but no entrant shall be accompanied by any instrument other than a piano unless previously agreed with the organiser. Performers must provide their own accompanists.

12. Normal copyright restrictions apply.  Performance Rights Society conditions apply.

13. All performances must be live.

14. All participants will receive a certificate and the winners in each category in each age group will receive a prize.  Runner-up prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the adjudicators/organisers.

15. The decision of the organisers and adjudicators is final in all matters pertaining to the competition