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Recent News - Feb 2017

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Learning About Our Neighbourhood Bats - Very Informative

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On Thursday 9th February 2017, we welcomed Nathalie Cossa to speak to us on the subject of bats.  The talk was well received and highly informative, although many of us still do not find bats particularly appealing.  Natalie told us some fantastic “bat facts”, beyond the well-known fact they are mammals.

Worldwide there are around 1200 species of which 18 are found in Britain and 13 in Liecestershire.  All our native bats have a diet of insects, and bats hibernate when this food source is scarce.

Bats do not use any nesting materials but instead they roost in crevices, caves, buildings, tunnels etc. and like a cool space with high humidity.

Babies are called pups and typically each female will have just one pup er year.  Bats tend to mate in the Autumn but the pups tend not to be born until early Summer.  The young can fly ataround 3 weeks of age and are fully independent after 6 weeks.

Natalie hopes to encourage local groups to help build-up knowledge of bats across the region and echo-location equipment might soon be available to borrow to identify whichg bats are in an area.

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The Pipistrelle is quite common around Leicesterhsire

Music and Film Night Raised £1089 for Rotary International Work

On Saturday 25th February Rotary hosted a Music and Film Evening at the Village hall.

Thanks to our three musical perfromers Julie, Rachel and Jorja.  This was followed by our feature film presentation The Hundred-Foot Journey.

Tickjets were £10 including a fabulous buffet themed around French and Indian Cuisine.

Our thanks to all who supported us in a very enjoyable and highly successful evening.

In the afternoon we showed the Lion King to Local childrend accompanied by their parents. This was much enjoyed by 45 people  and tickets were free if booked in advance through our webiste.  We took a collection for our Polio Eradication work and £100 of our takings will go to support this work.

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