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Recent News - Aug/Sep 2017

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We Are Proud To Announce Two Rotary Honours

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Rotary International was started by Mr Paul Harris, a Chicago Lawyer in the early years of the last century.  The highest accolade within Rotary is to be awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship (PHF).

Talk on Zeppelins (“Giants of the sky”) Was Very Interesting.

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Glyn (Left) presents Sukh with PHF Certificate and Medal.

Glyn presents Paul with his certificate and medal.

News - 2017 (July)

Sukh Attwall has been an active member for over 30 years and has chaired  International Foundation Charity work.

Paul Bradley has loyally served the club as treasurer for over twenty years.

On 3rd August 2017 Mr David Skillen gave us a fascinating talk on the history of the Zeppelin.  Who would have thought that it was the use of reconnaisance balloons in the American Civil War, which gave General Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin the idea that these could be serious weapons of war?  After retiring from the army he setup a company to build machines on a truly massive scale.  These giants were over five hundred feet long and held over one million cubic feet of hydrogen gas.  Typically they had 19 gas bags each lined with product made from cows stomachs, which kept them gas-tight to retain their hydrogen.

Zeppelins had metal frames and the craft would weigh around 35 tonnes and be capable of lifting approximately the same weight again.  They travelled at a speed of 50 to 60mph and were crewed by the Navy (21 men typically).

They were hugely expensive to make and keep flying and industrial plants were required to produce enough hydrogen, which of course was a huge problem due to its explosive nature. Before being used as the first long distance bomber they were used in a reconnaisance role to keep track of the Royal Navy.

By 1917 once the use of incendiary and exploding amunition had been developed as a countermeasure the Zeppelin’s days as an effective war machine were pretty much over.  What a fascinating talk after which David answered the many questions we had!  Brilliant.